Love Is In The Air

in photography •  6 months ago

Another sunny day after a stormy night.

I bite the bullet and made another downhill ride to the town to get some exclusive photos for you.

And me too, of course.


There is a special place close to the promenade in Makarska where people show their commitment to the love ones.

This time I'm just a messenger.


This is the shot from the last night just before the storm.


And here's the reward we got the next morning.


Blue competition.


History lessons.


When I hit the trigger on my phone no one was standing there.

It looks like the camera is slower than my finger.


I was lucky this time and caught her while sipping my first coffee in front of the bar.


When the catamaran makes a U-turn.


We pass the bungee jumping.


The last shot by the trail before we returned back to our apartment.

Don't you ask me about the climbing uphill.

It was steep, hot and exhausting.

Thank you for your attention, my friends.

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All images are good especially the tale of animal and houses near water is looking very interesting to see.

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I love Makarska, I was there 12 years ago. Wayy too long, I have to go back! Also love the air after a stormy night- it gets so clear :)

Am sure you must has a great time at this place and its fabulous

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beautiful images friend always sharing us the best of you great job greetings

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@oldtimer 😱 I love a good storm😍looks like it was a monster on the way....

Thanks for sharing......./

Your effort and the hard work was indeed well worth it buddy !

They are indeed awesome

Which one to skip and say beautiful ;) while they all were indeed magnificent !

The 3rd 4th and the 7th was the coolest of all :)

Despues de la tormenta dicen que viene la calma @oldtimer. La última foto es excelente de una hermosa fruta que aqui en Venezuela llamamos: Granada

It is indeed a very romantic place @oldtimer and I hope that the owners of those locks grew old happy together. Lovely Pomegranate it has a delicious juice I like.

good photos, nice to read greetings :)

Hrvatska e mnogo lepava!!!

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Nice photography

So many lockers other there :)! The place seems really beautiful and I loved that art piece!

Makaraska...seems a very beautiful place....loved the hill side view to the water....good view

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Your efforts were worthwhile. Its twice as nice to see the blue sky in the morning after a stormy night. The coffee colored squirrel while drinking coffee is so appropriate and your shot of the port with the catamaran turning is awesome. It does create quite a stir in the peaceful scenery!

The color of that water is amazing!

Yeah the uphill climb was steep and hot but think of all the good exercise and calories you burned...yeah it never makes me feel better either LOL.


Unfortunately, we eat and drink way too much to burn them all the calories.

what is the name of this place @oldtimer ?
All of these are awesome.

Pretty dope ✔✔👌

You have a beautiful day. In which every scene looks very sweet.

howdy sir oldtimer! wow. those ocean views are so stunning with their dark blue color, so rich, wonderful photos as usual sir oldtimer!

Great shots of a beautifull place on earth!

all picture are really beautiful.i enjoy your photography

Great trip! And the squirrel is gorgeous!
You are very observant, @oldtimer
Such beautiful scenery!
Very beautiful photos.
Liked the catamaran )

wonderful journey !