Korčula I

in photography •  5 months ago

Like I promised you yesterday in today's post I'll show you a compilation of photos from our trip.

The ride with catamaran was smooth and fast. To bad that we need to stay inside the vessel. Probably because of the travelling speed. But it was a great experience flying on the waves.

The town itself is spectacular. I squeeze all the juice from my phone's battery taking photos.


The old part is built like the fortress and well protected.

I don't have the time to dig deeper but you can always ask uncle Google for more information if you're interested to know more.


Here is the West side of the town with protecting walls and towers.


Narrow streets are decorated with style.


The tables at the restaurants too.

Although I find this plant in the pot unnecessary. I aimed at the sailing ship tho.


Look at these beautiful stone stairs.

I didn't climb them because I wasn't sure how they'll end and it was too hot for the unnecessary effort.


Nice paintings.

I was in temptation but just a quick glance at Blockfolio was enough to stop negotiations with the artist in a second.


The guy with this masterpiece of the bike travelled at least 1000 km from Germany and I'm sure he won't regret his trip.

I hope he has a good camera.


The sun was low at the horizon and it was time for the day tourists to catch our rides back.


But the new crowd arrived and park their ships for the night rest.

New passengers with deeper pockets arrived to explore the nightlife of Korcula.

They were hungry and thirsty from the day cruising.


I'm sure they didn't miss this obvious invitation.

We jumped on our catamaran and went back home to prepare a couple of scrambled eggs and ham.

Stay tuned for more, my friends.

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Man you do always find a respectable oldtimer on your trips, looks beautiful and like you had a great trip. :)

p.s. Jupi every holiday morning? - Jutranje Pivo ;)


Almost every morning.


I was born and raised in Croatia but moved to the US for a higher education. I can tell you that over the years some of my friends have visited my country and nothing gives me more joy than seeing their expressions when describing what an amazing time they had. I felt this way about your post, hope you enjoy it and visit again!! :)


I use to regularly spent a vacation in Dalmatia before we moved to Canada. I miss it.

Sencillamente los paisajes que nos muestras de Croacia son hermosos @oldtimer. Las fotos de los Yates anclados en el mar son espectaculares dan ganas de estar hay y disfrutar de esos lugares tan encantadores

@oldtimer that incredible photos, very well achieved, I congratulate you. I invite you to look at some of my articles I think you might be interested.

Thank you for taking us on the tour. Your photos are really nice!


Thank you.

@oldtimer I just love your photoblogg 🍀 Thank you for the nice ture ✌️


You're welcome.

This trip by your side has been very pleasant and relaxed, especially because of the beauty of the landscape, when I admire each shot, I get excited and all those beauties are impregnated with curiosity and astonishment, besides that this publication has really taken us to enjoyment of the beauty of the marine nature, grateful for that and allow to be your virtual passenger in these exquisite vacations. @oldtimer


Thank you.

I love your photoblogg..

Great photos. I love to travel and take many pics!

Beautiful photos. Looks like a really lovely island. I just didn't know ham and eggs is their local speciality ;)


Ham and eggs were in my fridge, hehe.

Hello how are you? I've been a little lost of steemit but I have more time so here I am

I am catching up with your travels and places you visit

Very tropical and sunny the place where you also see that with a lot of history


Stick around.

While by the sound of it flying on the waves sounds thrilling :)

Seems like you were greeted with a great exposure (Canonball)

Wow the town is indeed looking really beautiful. Like when you see it in the movies.Awesome view buddy.

Mini Ship in the restaurant,looks like a nice idea

Nice painting indeed liked the top one the most

The Sun seemed to be playing in the shadows ;)

The day was sure a memorable one buddy :)

Thanks for sharing it and making our time memorable as well.


Thank you for the kind comment.

Amazing little town. The fortress walls are so cool... great shot from the harbor. That looks like a Harley from Germany with some nice leather and wood customizations just like a boat! The photo of the large utensils is also great. I guess you have to go in with a big appetite!

Nice photos and nice place!

howdy sir oldtimer! I still have a hard time believing how blue that ocean water is! wonderful photos as usual sir but I think you should have gone up that stairway to see where it leads! I bet there were great photos at the top. lol.
I don't blame you though. great photos, thank you sir!

great photos and content!!



I am curious to watch your trip, friend @oldtimer ! The sea I love above all! Stairs on a narrow street are very exotic. They look like these clay, by which I go to the sea. I live now at the sea for 20 days in a tent. Maybe you are interested in:



what a great fortress it is wonderful place to visit 😍 great pictures great protection especially tower and beautiful walls beautiful stone stairs and beautiful scenareu especially near the sea bomb shot 😍 shipss are also love your post made my day 😍

Wonderful photos, @oldtimer
Often looking at your messages,
I learn a lot of interesting and amazing things!

Rare architecture, unusual views, landscapes, flowers...
I also like to look at the paintings of local artists.
They contain the very life of the city and its surroundings!
In them-soul!

And this music for you.

This song is about a cherished dream to build a ship and travel on it on the seas )) )

A sailboat on a restaurant table and I liked it!
Thank you for the interesting tour!
I wish you all the best and new impressions of
the places you have seen.
My best regards , @Singa

excellent photo! thanks for sharing! enjoy traveling!

Korčula is my favorite town on the Croatian coast. It's been couple of years since my last visit. I hope i'll have the opportunity to visit it soon!

Btw, look at the old town on google maps. The streets are shaped like a fish bone :)