Graffiti From Barcelona

in photography •  4 months ago

Last three days we had some thunderstorms and showers up here and I wasn't able to ride my bike on the wet trails.

No new photos, unfortunately.

I dig in my old library and find something for you. We'll see how it goes but I think that some of you like to see real-life situations and not just fancy and photoshopped ones from banners and commercials.


In the remote street, I find this beautiful hummingbird.

While living in the countryside they visiting us regularly and we use to feed them every summer.

We hanged the feeders here in the city but they didn't come.

We miss them.


I''m not sure if we can call this a graffiti but it's a kind of art too.


Imagination has no limits in Barcelona graffiti community,


and they find every available spot to express their talents.


Sometimes they just spamming,


and sometimes they make things look better.


Quality may vary. From bad


to better.


More colorful,


or just a random painting on the go just to fill the empty space on the walls and bridges.

I presented you an artwork of a different quality today. You can pick what you like and ignore what you don't. It's your choice.

Like here on steemit. Don't judge people. Find the stuff you like and ignore the rest. We live in the free society and that's the most important aspect of it.

Find your tribe and enjoy the ride.

Life is short, don't waste it on bullshit and drama. Use your power for the good cause and on things you like and believe in.

See you soon, my friends.

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Everything has more color in Barcelona. Great photos. Loved the Bee.


You're right. Even more in spring time.

They really do use any available space, thanks for the car graffiti shots, bee van would be a keeper!

"Find your tribe and enjoy the ride"




Barcelona es una ciudad muy linda y con muy bella arquitectura que me encantaria conocer @oldtimer

those paintings is really awesome.its looking so colourful.thanks for share @oldtimer


You're welcome.

Looking like a city of graffiti in the Barcelona, well sometimes you'd run out of pictures lol it's normal, but these are pretty amazing , the humming bird expecially


You're right. Artists are quite active there.

Beautiful collection of Graffiti photos.



I don't think we have graffiti as cool as this in my area. Only some strange religious/political statements and awkward name tags.


Did you check all back alleys and remote streets?


Yes and mostly, I found nothing like this.

I blame differences in mentality for this

Nice! Loving the hummingbird!

Very good advice!


Just my thoughts.

nice stuff... i would like to go to barcelona and paint some walls. looks nice there!

check my profile if you like graffiti.




I'm not sure if there is any available. It seems they have really active artists there.

Graffiti's has a way of making some locations more beautiful or less, in the case of Barcelona it's all colour and successively create a soothing feel

Your photographer's eye is very strong...great pics from the archives. The hummingbird proves how art can add life to the drab.


Life looks better in real and without photoshop. Period.


Today's weather is running like this. The storm has started to appear more.

A great collection. I love the truck with the bees and the one with the 1950s Chevys! The hummingbird, giraffes and children are also quite nice. Your last two graffiti images were captured on interesting terrain showing that you are an intrepid photographer!

in love with the join of architecture, cars, warehouses doors with the creativity of the urban expression as graffiti is. Thank you for sharing this with the community, really cool pics. Bye bye! :D

PS: I followed you already :)

That kind of graffiti if you could say that they are real works of art seriously are beautiful designs you found! I would love to see more when you can go again

The more you practice the luckier you get!

Art is love! nice and awesome!

That’s some really cool street art you shared today,

Don't judge people. Find the stuff you like and ignore the rest. We live in the free society and that's the most important aspect of it.

Find your tribe and enjoy the ride.

Great thoughts!!

Wowwww...there is really some good stuff there. i like the nature truck the most hehe.

We need more random art in cities! It makes everything so much nicer

Don't worry sir these are masterpiece and very vivid and beautiful.

Spray painting's has a method for making a few areas more excellent or less, on account of Barcelona it's all shading and progressively make a relieving feel

Barcelona has some of the best street art in all of Spain.