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Last summer before my bicycle was stolen I start to exploring Edmonton downtown. That's a city center if you're not familiar with the term.

I did a couple of rides just to find some interesting places to visit later and get some more photos.

I hope I'll be able to proceed with my plans but the first thing I need to is to buy a new bike.

For now, we stuck with some old shots.


I guess this building is from the times when the price of oil was above 100 bucks and the city was spending money on big projects.


Here's another example.


But art is here to stay.

This one will last. Look how thick are the metal plates of this bicycle.

If mine was soo heavy I would still have it parked in my garage.


We passed the Spanish restaurant and stopped only for a beer.

We finish with a plate of delicious cured meat and piquant cheese on the end.

Very salted, as we expected to be.

One beer wasn't enough and we bring home a double amount of calories that we burned with cycling.

But intentions were good and that's what counts.

It was a short post but sweet; pardon me.

I want to say salty.

A lot of rumors about the crypto bull market lately.

Here's my take on this:


When Steem passes $1 I'll show you a proper version of the Bull.

Have a good one, my friends.

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Reflection is amazing in the picture. Alcoholic drinks are not good for health.


A lot of other things are not good for health too.

God post
God job

Can't wait to see pictures of your new bike! Great around the town photos! Bike riding weather will soon be here!

The reflections in that glass building are pretty cool. If it was a dilapidated city like some of the pictures I've seen of Detroit, then those reflections would look like building skeletons. Instead, the reflections look sort of like man-made zebras and giraffes to me.

I am not a fan of buildings like the Art Gallery of Alberta. It offends my sense of proportion and harmony. But then, I suspect much of the art it contains does as well.

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Reflection of art work. Keep steeming.

That first building is pretty funky but so cool, I love the reflections, I hope Steem rises and we see the real bull soon

haha! great post sir oldtimer!