Canada Day In Edmonton

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This weekend was longer than usual. We had an extra day to spend with our friends and family.

Although the weather was not as good as last year a lot of people showed up on the streets and parks enjoying food and music. And beer too.

Edmontonians know how to enjoy summer because they are well aware it'll be short. Today I'll show you some random shots.

20180701_161736 (2).jpg

This oldie was parked on the street and no one passed it without stopping and taking a shot or two. I included.

I like these cars but I'm always concerned about the safety side. I would feel very uncomfortable driving around among all the heavy trucks.


Food trucks and different vendors all over the place.


The red color is the color of the day.


Even pets like it.

BTW? Did you know that dogs can't see the red color?


Mobile ATMs.

Maybe next year we'll see Bitcoin ATM on Whyte Avenue for Canada day.

Who knows?


Did you notice how crowded is on the back of left side of the photo?

Behind that fence is a beer garden, that's why.


Another pet celebrating.


Edmontonians are always well prepared.

Backpack with one-week supplies and 2 liters of Coke should be enough but stay close to the shelter anyway.

Just in case, eh.


These two guys look more experienced.

Time for another quick shot then they'll go home.

They could handle two more I guess.


An ugly building, if you ask me, but people on the terrace don't mind.

Their drinks have the same taste and price as in every other restaurant.


Smoked BBQ?

They put grilled chicken wings in these barrels to smoke them. I can't tell you how they taste because I didn't try them, but I can assure you that Ice Cream we bought on a way home was delicious.


An extra random just for you.

Steem blockchain is alive and running smoothly again.

Keep grinding, my friends.

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Vintage car always so attractive .



Felicitaciones a todos en Canadá al celebrar hoy su Dia Nacional hermosas fotografias @oldtimer

Is Canada your birth place ?


No. It's Slovenia.


Thanks for the quick tour on a Canada day. I love your posts And the photos 👌
Lep pozdrav iz Slovenije, Murska Sobota ( smo sli malo na dopust domou)

Čestitam vam praznik, Dan Kanade, 1. juli! Sa malim zakašnjenjem. Dočarali ste delić atmosfere, ljudi su veseli, slave, svuda zastave, sjajna zajednica. Prvoj slici nedostaje samo zastava. :) Hvala na deljenju, @oldtimer.


Thank you.

howdy there @oldtimer and thanks for showing us what it's like there in celebration of Canada Day, very interesting and fine photos! I did not know that dogs can't see the color red, I wonder what color it is to them?
I could smell that BBQ from here!
is Canada Day their independence day?


It's kind of complicated and quite long story. You try to check on Wikipedia.
Thanks for the comment.


you're welcome, I'll check out Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day!



Hi sir wish you Happy Canada day, your random shots are well clicked and lovely, I think when we get something extra it's a little moment of joy always for everyone.
I wish May God fulfill all your dreams, this year.
With love and respect.


Thank you for the kind words.

Happy belated Canada Day! It was super hot here in Toronto :)

Happy Canada day @oldtimer.

Every time you talk about Canada I am more interested in the fact of visiting that country one day! It looks very nice the activities they do, the atmosphere looks great and people look friendly :)

Best wishes to Canada Day

Nice photography . Thanks for share those pictures .
Sir , You have a new follower . Resteemed it . Thanks

I love your photos here @oldtimer LOL they are fascinating like the mobile ATM and the beautiful mobile vendor trucks, I wish we have them here in my country. Edmonton is a great place to live in.

The hotrod is so cool but you're right it looks like you would need a helmet to drive it! What a fun day... Canadians seem to be having a blast. The two dogs look like they are still winterized so they could stand to lose a little weight and a little fur for the summertime. But if they can't see red how do they dress for Canada day!