A Couple Of Random Photos On The Red Day

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I bought a new laptop last month and I didn't really have time to dig into it. I copied all my photos and the new editor is really amazing. Probably I will need another month or so to learn just the basics. Don't forget; I'm an old-timer.

The reason I'm telling you all this is that I was able to edit some photos to present them to you.

My old followers are familiar with my previous trips and travels but I'm sure they'll like my new clicks too.


Most of these are from the town of Jasper.


This one would be perfect for the color challenge white.


The river is near. Did you see the name? Not sure is it the river or just company name?


At the souvenir shop.


The real Totem.


I was focused on the flowers although the name of the store was kind of aggressive.


We were heading south and I'd stop by the road and took this shot.


We reached the Athabasca falls.


Rest your eyes on this beauty, stay calm, and steem on, my friends.

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Well done ..
Really amazing pictures
Thank you for sharing with us your adventure.

O wow, these pictures are really awesome.
Looks like you have been to many good places.

You are already starting to master the editing of your photos. :)

For me I dont have the time to edit on a laptop or computer so I use my phone for editing my photos.

excellent work ,,,,,,,,,,,
Friends, the truth is that we like all your clicks. There is nothing new to say about old. I Like It Your All Posts Since I'm new to you So I want to be your friend. I need your support . i wish your wonderful day dear friend @oldtimer

Wow wonderful
This is my humble collection hope you like it you will find more works on my blog feel free to take a look .


Awesome collection @oldtimer


My Click guys?

its wanderfull photography .. you have a very nice skill of photography .. keep it on .. @oldtimer

7th Pic from the top I liked most... Already voted... Thanks @oldtimer for your nice photo post.

I also like photography and traveling... though I don't have professional camera...hahaha..... but always try to snap good shots with normal camera... Please have a look on my POST, Your appreciation will make me inspired....

Wow realy nice photo.


Wow! Amazing photos.... These let me really escape and clear my mind... Thank you for posting!!! Good stuff keep it coming!!!

I love your pictures, Thanks to make everybody feel enjoy and should be get much idea to write an article. @oldtimer

Wow! This amazing photo .... It makes me really run away, motivated and clear my mind because it's so cool ... Thanks for posting! Good stuff keep coming!

hello friend @oldtimer very good pictures are really amazing to look at, striking and with just beautiful colors I vote and I continue. If you could give me a little help with my publication, I would be grateful.

Some very beautiful photos - i really like the souvenir . I'm usually not a fan - but this one is super cool . I always wanted to try gold digging. Now I'll digg for Steem instead.


Definitely more profitable than gold mining. Thanks.


I think so too- and you can still keep your hands clean

Lol! You are really an old timer. That totem is just amazing, i have never seen such before.
That cart is dope. Nicer than some vehicle we still use in the part of the world u come from. Lol

Please make good post with your photos. Learning new software and adopting new appliance is always exciting and make us happy.

Oh very nice photography

I like your photos. I am also interested in nature. maybe you visit my little flowers meadow project. Have a nice day

All pictures are beautiful. Seems like the old timer is very good at it. Photography and editing.

Your photography looking pretty good.
really i'm glad your awesome photo shot.
upvote And resteem done

No doubt. You are really an @oldtimer.
Such a nice photo. Excellent photography and editing.

My human has been to Jasper, almost 20 years ago now!

He drove from Vancouver to Calgary and got to see Jasper, and Lake Louise along the way!

♥ ♥ ♥ Your pictures are very colourful and calming. I love flowers a lot. Fresh ones are expensive in my country because they are imported.

You will get a hang of it 😊. Planning to buy daddy a smart phone for his birthday, Hahaha, I have been wondering if he would be able to do it, then I remembered that he was part of the pioneer people to use a computer before he retired.

That's great photography. Thanks.

Your Photography Is so beautiful.

This one is better. How they do that???

Hi! Awesome work! :) really great seeing people using their skills on photography to good use. hehe.

Hope you also have fun looking at my work. :) here are sample photos I have with my Lomo'Instant Automat Glass :)

Sample shots I from my LIAG

Sample shots I from my LIAG

Sample shots I from my LIAG

Selfie x Multiple Exposure using my LIAG

outstanding photography..
just love it....


This nice photography i like it thanks for sharing this blog carry one..

your photos are realy very nice beautyfull .. my photos are not like you.. bt one day my photo obestly like yous .. help us how to capture a nice photo. if you share. @oldtimer

hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...

wow beautiful photography. i like it @oldtimer

wonderful clicks sir.thanks for letting us enjoy them this way :)

beautiful photo. and good editing. i like it @oldtimer

Random photos are the best photos for me!!!!!Great shots!!!!!

All the pictures are very beautiful. And the cart. 😀 didn't know some countries still use that. It's beautiful though.

so beautiful pics dear

You are a great photographer and photo selector. You put together interesting collections which help me to stay calm! The totem pole and ducks are my favorites.

wow beautiful photography

Every photograph is outstanding! specially i like the photograph "perfect for the colour challenge white".

most beautiful photos you shared. i like it my friend @oldtimer U5dsSiLJmbW2o6LvcSSrecouqU12hCf.gif

Well, brother, I appreciate your efforts and Wish all the best in every of aspects of life may you be blessed by what you seek..!!

The photos look great! Can I get some pictures on your post @oldtimer?

photography is amazing, i am very photography @oldtimer.

Pravi odmor i praznik za oči. Toliko raznovrsnog sadržaja!
Zaista je velika sreća upoznati jedinstvena mesta i prostore. Vrlo ste vešti u hvatanju trenutaka koje treba zabeležiti, ovekovečiti.
A što se tehnike tiče, sećate se kada smo koristili prve računare, (Comodore 64, Spectrum...), dial-up konekciju? Ovo danas je pesma. Čovek se uči dok je živ. :) Mislim da je pravo uživanje raditi obradu sliku.

The flowers are showing the beauty of nature

These pictures make me want to take a vacation! Gorgeous place.

Beautiful photos ! Third last is awesome !!

Such a nice place! Would love to visit it if I have the time. You also have a good photography skills.

I used to live just down the road in hinton. I love going to maligne... so beautiful.

Thanks god i saw that post. I was ready to jump... naah just kidding. Crypto will go up one day or not. All it matters is steamit

Calming and relaxing. How I wish you have captured the falls view.

So beautiful, indeed! You got some great photos on that trip!

Awesome picture..