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I have 20 minutes to write my post today.

Winter is in a full swing here and it was a busy day.

Here's a couple of photos from the summer.







That's all for today.

I hope you like my selection.

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Have a great one, my friends.


very pretty those flowers, the ones in the second image look like dancers dressed in an elegant suit

It's about time for winter to show up with it's snow :) Beautiful shots!

@oldtimer, I definitely want to say that you've took us for an natural ride to explore the purity of these flowers through your post. Every flower is so breathtaking to watch and colours hold the healing essence. Stay blessed. 🙂

Really winter is in full swing. It's amazing that in the summer we miss the winter, and in the winter we miss the summer :) Excellent photos. Thanks

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ok, I'm sorry for disturbing you.
never again!

Awesome selection @oldtimer, especially during the winter time.
Beautiful nature colors.

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Lovely flowers. Resteemed :-)

Hello oldtimer, I hope summer arrives soon and imposes itself with as much beauty as the photos you show today, those flowers are really beautiful, with impressively beautiful colors

So very beautiful my friend thank you for making my day was such a color blessings

@oldtimer, Wow....my mind carrying out dreamland via your beautiful captures. Second image most interesting to mind. First one marvelous. Absolutely we only looks small percentage of whole nature's beauty.

exactly my thoughts

So , I can start my day with joy, thank you for that. Nice colorful pictures!

Wonderful collection, I love the fist photo, these colors are so welcome now. Well done!

Flowers, like people, are kindly generous and, giving people tenderness, they bloom, hearts warming, like small, warm bonfires. I liked your post.

Seeing and looking for summer photos, entertain your mind and I imagine that it calms that huge cold, perhaps when you did these shots you did not imagine that they would also serve as heat therapies. All the beautiful shots friend, greetings @oldtimer

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Very pretty😍

Your pictures are refreshing to the mind to see. I'm following you now!

There is always something redeeming in the posting of flowers, even if it is to get a smile on the face of someone who is snowed in. It gives me hope as I look outside at the white and shut the curtains and peruse the pages of your flowers.

Sweet Jesus.

You just gave me hope in my soul. ;))


Howdy sir oldtimer! These pictures are absolutely stunning, thank you!

This flower picture has the power to see it continuously for a some time

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