💥Over/Under😈 - Valentine's Edition💖

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Happy Valentine's Day, Steemit!

I hope you guys had/are having a fantastically sweet, romantic, or hot as Hades "love day". (Or even all of the above! 😘)

Remember a few days ago, I mentioned in a post that I've been wanting to try out a little something spicy for the blog for quite some time? I thought, what better day to make this debut than Valentine's Day?! And so, here is the first edition of my self-empowering beauty/fashion/boudoir Over/Under series.

A little lighting to set the mood...

Heading out on a hot date... here's what I've got on over.



Back from my date, revealing what's been hiding under...

Adjust those garters.

Sometimes it helps to get a leg up.

When one has long hair, they must be careful lighting those candles.

And then we get...

The full picture.


I hope it's received well. I had a lot of fun with it, and plan to make it a series in time.

But now, it's time for me to bid you all a GOODNIGHT!



Happy LUV Day! 💋

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I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day. These are very pretty and I’m glad to hear that your hair was safe from the flames. I actually failed to save a girl from catching her hair on fire once...never again.


Thank you! We don't typically do much of anything for Valentine's Day, but with kids around, we're getting into the silly and fun side of each holiday... And sometimes it's good to have an excuse to break out of the comfort zone. 😉 haha

Omg, I can't even imagine. I've seen way too many flaming hair videos to take any chances!

Hot mama! Hamana hamana hamana😉

Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous! ❤️


lol Thanks lady! Hope you had a great day with your little valentines! 😊

Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!