Rare view: butterfly depositing eggs

in photography •  2 years ago

It is not often you get to witness a butterfly depositing eggs. This map (Araschnia levana) chose a nettle in the middle of town; in the third picture you can see the string of green eggs being deposited.

Many species of butterflies lay eggs on nettles; you may want to consider keeping some in your garden when you are weeding.

All photos taken with an older Samsung Galaxy cell phone, it didn't cope well with the shadows and contrasts, sorry about that.

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Thanks for the shots! It's the 1st time I see how the butterflies deposit their eggs

Great shots, thanks for posting - STEEM ON!



Cool, rare find indeed! They just hang off the leaf like that?


Yes. They must be sticky.

@ocrdu so those are the eggs? I'm going butterfly egg hunting hahaha
this is so cool
am so glad you shared it - so this is actually what the eggs look like
I'm always going for a stroll and I've flipped nettle's leaves but never saw one - is this just this month?
Am going to the woods tomorrow hahaha
plenty of nettles there - they would survive more with me because as you know they sometimes trim those every spring - sad
so am going egg hunting in autumn!
thank you!


The photos are from 2 september! Don't go egg hunting now!


#ocrdu why? they are still there right? they won't really hatch fast or do they?


Usually within 2 weeks, depending on the weather, after that you need to go looking for caterpillars 8-)

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So cool! Better to get any photo, than to miss the perfect shot. That's an interesting egg pattern. I wonder if that's diagnostic for that species of butterfly. Haha -- now I will be looking for "The Field Guide to Butterfly Eggs". There's a niche market! : )


Maybe somebody somewhere already wrote such a guide 8-).
And I always blame myself when I left the camera at home. I carry it almost always, so why not now?


I have field guides to butterflies and to dragonflies, but still not for their eggs! I will keep my eyes open, lol. I hope you get many more photos of butterflies laying their eggs.