Night photography: a very Dutch photo

in photography •  2 years ago

As I was walking in the town centre yesterday evening, I saw this nicely lit bicycle:

Olympus 1s, 100mm, ISO800, f4, 1/20s

This is an intensely Dutch scene. Why?

Because there's a very modern bicycle there, kitted out for transporting two children and groceries at the same time, fitted with a huge and highly visible bicycle lock to keep away the ever-present bicycle thieves.

It is standing in a place where it is forbidden to park bicycles, propped up against a nicely illuminated church everybody likes but which is no longer used for worship. The church still carries the bullet marks of centuries of forgotten conflict .

To complete the picture, there's a casually discarded drink container on the ground, even though the next bin is only three meters away. In all, a very Dutch scene. Don't let the negative bits bother you too much, we're generally nice people, I think 8-).

Here's a photo of the tower of said church I took a few minutes later:

Olympus 1s, 24mm, ISO100, f5, 8s, camera held still against a lamp post

It is the oldest church in my home town, some parts dating back to 1200. The lower four parts of the tower were built in the 13th century, the top with the single window was added in 1480. The monument on the left commemorates the great city fire of 1862, that destroyed all of the inner city but left most of the church standing.

The church sits in the centre square of town, the "Oude Markt", surrounded by pubs and restaurants. If you ever visit Enschede, The Netherlands, this is the place to relax on a cafe terrace or go to for a night out.

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It looks like a very interesting and historic area. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful photos. Love the bicycle photo/cultural discussion, makes it so interesting. Particularly since I ride almost everywhere here on two wheels. (And need a big lock, too). And the church is gorgeous. You are either very steady, and/or the Olympus has quite the stabilizer, to hold that for 8 sec. and still get that clarity. Great work.


Thanks! I clamped the camera against a lamp post with two hands, that helped, and the stabilizer isn't bad either. I chose a long exposure to make the people walking in front disappear.

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So much history - it's hard for me to comprehend that much built history.


It's not that old, as Dutch churches go 8-P

@ocrdu wow! dit zijn zo leuk !
jammer dat ik het niet gezien had
te druk geweest!
zo prachtig de fiets man!


Dank je! Leuk licht, van die kerkverlichting. Jammer dat er tegenwoordig van die witte LEDs inzitten, dat is dan weer minder mooi licht.