My first car, As Seen In Prague: name that street

in photography •  2 years ago

As I posted before here, I was in Prague with a friend in 1989, taking part in the demonstrations with some Czech friends and helping people climb over ambassy fences, waving friendly at the police with our Dutch passports. No real need, the police were friendly enough by that time.

Here's a picture of my car in Prague in 1989, a 2-cylinder, 654cc Citroën Visa (just being nostalgic):

I noticed this is the same street as the one in this picture I posted before, where a friend of mine pretends to be the proud owner of a Trabant:

In the top, left-hand corner you see the front of the "hostinec pod Bělkou" in the first picture.

Maybe now it is possible to find out what street this is; any Praguers out there who know? @valtr maybe? I haven't been able to find an address for the "hostinec pod Bělkou" with Google.

Both pictures Praktica B200, Ilford FP4+

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The street is Slavojova and the pub is now named Pivnice u Olmerů


Yay! Thanks a lot! Upvote this man!
Not Čiklova then, but close by.