📷 The Heath Blues

in photography •  2 months ago

Sorry, no music here, but fourteen photos of the tiny silver-studded blue (Plebejus argus), heideblauwtje in Dutch, for your viewing pleasure:




Thanks for watching!

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Cute moth

Oh my, totally beautiful! Every shot is so vivid.. your bokehs are perfect!

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Thank you.

Beautifully captured butterfly macros. ❤
All are amazing! You've got a great eye for detail :) So beautiful :)


Thank you.

Done sweet friend

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One more fantastic series with butterflies!



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Beautiful flowers @ocrdu. The butterflies are OK too. 😂


They often get in the way when I take photos of flowers.

Ganz fantastische Aufnahmen von einem Bläuling, der auch in unserer Region nur in bestimmten Gebieten vorkommt. Zusammen mit der Orchidee, ist es natürlich ein absolutes Highlight.

Herzliche Grüße vom @faltermann 🦋



Der hat sich wohl geirrt 8-):

Die Heide war aber ganz nah.

Beautiful shoot..!


Thanks! Also for the resteem.

The blue orange and purples are so amazing. This is why I so often use nature as a cue to colour palettes.


Yes, that usually works well, somehow, even with colours you would normally avoid combining. Nature has a way of preventing colours from clashing, it seems, and putting the best combinations together.

This one is a bit on the edge, though:




Love the pink heather (I think it is heather) flowers :)

I'm sorry sir, but without accompaniment, I just cannot partake. Beautiful snaps, I might add. So nevermind on that first statement. You do have a way of bringing out grand color and detail in your works. I comment you. Which is like commend, only saves me a comment or two. Efficiency in all tings, I say.


Efficiency goood!

When will you be posting the next part of your sunny adventures?


Slowly putting the next one together. A busy time of the year for some reason, between chores and farming and such before the rains set in, that doesn't allow me to sit long at the computer. One of the few joys of the rainy cold season, besides keeping us alive, I suppose.
I GOTTA re-read my comments. Not sure WHAT a 'ting' is...

dude. you should be a PHOTOGRAPHER! these are GREAT!


There's an idea! Thanks!

Sensational photos @ocrdu with incredible detail, colour and composition. (U & R )


Thank you.


My pleasure @ocrdu 🌸

Klasse Aufnahmen !