Azanus Jesous (female)

in photography •  6 months ago

As we went along and around the reservoir, me and @simba stumbled upon a varity of critters.

One of them was this lil' beauty, which I manage to capture, an Azanus jesous female butterfly.


I already got to shoot it before, male (which is blue) and also female, but unfortunately it was on that one trip my camera's memory card got f***ed up and all the photos were gone 😩

Glad I got another chance at it 😄

Anyway, it's a small butterfly common in the dry regions of africa to india.


In israel it is common throughout the year in the Arava The Dead Sea Valley and the Jordan Valley.


Its wings are about 25 mm in diameter and as such there are two sexual duplicates the male is blue and the female is brown-gray.



The color of the egg is white.

The larva that emerges from the egg is hairy and greenish with long white lines, in this way he is beautifully disguised among the background.

The larva secrete, between the second and fourth trimester, a sweet liquid from the glands in its body.

This liquid attracts ants that drink it with pleasure in return they keep the larva from harm.


Canon PowerShot SX60 HS + Raynox DCR-250 super macro lens

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צילומים מרהיבים🤗


תודה 😄 זה היה בשעות הצהריים החמות וכולי טיפטפתי בעודי מצלם חחח אקסטרים של ממש


שמת את נפשך בכפך שביל פרפר! חחח

Wow .Beautiful butterfly..🐝🐝.I am your new friend.👰. I always follow you. Please.please support me..👸

Thank you so much to my friend Love you.💘

Nice & sharp!
Stunning shot, love it


Thank you dear 😄

Brilliant Photography!


Thank you 😄

How did you get too close to it?


Well, it was busy laying its eggs and feeding on the plant so I used this situation to my advantage