NSPART - Milestone 1500+ Followers and a look back at some of my favorite pieces of my work that I have posted (Part 1 )

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Hello Fellow Steemians,

I'm very happy to Announce that I have now gone past the 1500 Follower mark and I want to thank all of my followers but especially those of you that actually resteem, upvote my work, and those that have supported me with private donations via bitcoin (Because they like my work but don't want to upvote nudity for one reason or another.) I'd also like to thank Whaleshares.net as they are my biggest supporter currently.

I like to present a recap of my work that I have posted for the viewing pleasure of all of my Followers and Supporters and to introduce new people to my work because it's much easier than going back through all of my posts, but I also like to provide links to the posts I take them images from so that people can see the rest of the post, images and retouching videos if they desire to.

I'm going to break this into two Parts this post has my Non-NSFW work and the next will have my NSFW work in it. I do this out of consideration for my followers and viewers because I know some prefer Non-NSFW and some Prefer NSFW and I hope some like all of my work. :)

I do ask that if you view my work that you support it to the best of your ability by upvoting and/or sending SBD or Bitcoin Donations to 1EVqgb37LjmVDYQcjvNXTqy2yTCb11X3pB every single dollar helps.
Everything I post takes time and very often money as well for expenses, hiring a Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist, props, pieces of wardrobe, and hiring models. When I do get models to work "Trade For Pictures" that means even more of my time to work on pictures to give them.

And now for the images...

Missy Olivares

See more images from this post here:

See more images from this post here:


See more images from this post here:

See more images from this post here:

Porsche Monique

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

Yuni Kaye

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

Nikola Weiterova

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:

See more images from this post and my retouching video here:


Copyright Notice: All Images on this and any of my post are copyrighted by me Nico Simon Princely and registered with the U.S. Copyright office. All rights reserved. You DO NOT have permission to use or post any of my images without written consent from me. Do to so is copyright infringement and is subject to $150,000 in statutory damages per occurrence under U.S. Copyright Law. You may resteem the post.

Please Upvote, Follow, and Resteem if you view my work and want to see more of it and if you don't want to vote on something NSFW but want to keep viewing my work please go Upvote one of my Non-NSFW images to support my work, thanks.

What Goes In To My Work/Art:

For those that don't know, I spend a lot of time on all of my photos, unlike camera phone pictures, or quick snap shots. For any shoot there is model selection, planning, equipment setup, the shoot which is usually several hours where I shoot several hundred photos, then there is equipment tear down, choosing the best images which takes a couple of hours, color grading/correction, and then I spend sometimes an hour or two on a single image retouching and creating the final look, then resizing and watermarking for the web, even my Polaroids have to be scanned in, cropped, have the dust removed, resized and watermarked, so to the people that think I'm just posting a pic or two they are not seeing all of the work that goes into that picture they are looking at.

With advanced photo-manipulation and composites that can add many more hours of work. And what also makes these images possible is the years I have spent learning my craft, the $10,000+ in equipment + the Studio I was paying for that sadly I no longer have, and the model and Makeup Artist (when I use one) are either paid or get additional pictures which means more work for me, none of this is cheap or free it's a lot of work that I do because I love creating beautiful images.

I added this to my posts because it seems that people no longer value professional photography or understand what goes into it regarding, time, expense, etc... And some feel a camera phone picture of a ham sandwich or a selfie has equal value regardless of the difference in production time and cost. Almost every professional photographer I know has been adversely affected by the devaluation of professional photography due to mass proliferation of camera phones and the perception that all photos are created equally, so I try my best to educate people on what goes into what we do.

If you want to have Beautiful Women & Erotic Photography in your feed everyday then make sure to Follow Me, Upvote, Resteem and tell your friends about me because Your Votes and Support fund my photoshoots.

I'm also available for hire for commissioned work, commercial work and shoots for private collectors.

For those of you that would prefer to anonymously support my work rather than vote on an erotic image you can either send me Steem or SBD to @nspart or Bitcoin to 1EVqgb37LjmVDYQcjvNXTqy2yTCb11X3pB

You can also support my photography and art by buying me items from my wishlist on Amazon at the link below...

Support My Photography/Art - Wish List
Link: http://a.co/h5gRjuM



Some of my other Recent and Still Active Posts that feature my Digital Photography...

WHALESHARES NSFW NUDE/EROTIC ART CONTESTS - "Fine Art Nudes" Open to Photography, Drawing, Painting, CGI Contest Winners Announcement & Images! (NSFW Artistic & Explicit Nudity)
6-21-2017 8-50-10 PM.jpg

NSPART - Some Fuji Instax Instant Film Shots with Christa in White Lingerie (3 images No Full Nudity)
8-13-2017 7-08-03 PM.jpg

NSPART - Another Fashion Shot with the Beautiful Nikola Weiterova IFBB Bikini Fitness competitor (Color & Black & White)
8-16-2017 6-06-00 AM.jpg

NSPART - Yuni Kaye in the Pool first of a series in both Color and Black & White with Retouching Process Video (Implied Nudity - No Full Nudity)
8-18-2017 3-44-02 AM.jpg

NSPART - Yuni Kaye in the Pool #2 of a series in Color and Black & White with Retouching Process Video (NSFW - Topless)
8-18-2017 4-31-22 AM.jpg

WHALESHARES NSFW NUDE/EROTIC ART CONTESTS - Win Whaleshares you can use to get whale votes on your posts! This Week's Theme "The Color Red" Open to Photography, Drawing, Painting, CGI
6-21-2017 8-50-10 PM.jpg

NSPART - Some More Fuji Instax Instant Film Shots with Christa in White Lingerie (3 images No Full Nudity)
8-20-2017 5-38-54 PM.jpg

NSPART - Another Fashion Shot with the Beautiful Nikola Weiterova IFBB Bikini Fitness competitor (Color With Retouching Process Video)
8-21-2017 10-46-54 PM.jpg

NSPART - Luxury Car & Fashion with the Beautiful Nikola Weiterova IFBB Bikini Fitness competitor (Black And White & Color With Retouching Process Video)
8-22-2017 3-46-48 PM.jpg

NSPART - Implied Nude Art with Porsche Monique in the Pool #1 (Color - Implied Nude) and a Video Showing my Process for it.
8-24-2017 5-43-35 PM.jpg

NSPART - Erotic Art with Yuni Kaye in the Shower - First of a series in Color with Retouching Process Video that shows the advanced photomanipulation I did to this image. (NSFW - Topless - Another Steemit First Post!)
8-25-2017 6-02-47 PM.jpg

NSPART - Some Eroitc/Naughty Fun Poloroids Shot on Impossible Film featuring Kristy - Part 1 (NSFW - Mild Nudity - Multiple Images + Look Back Images)
8-27-2017 1-47-46 AM.jpg

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steemit NSFW will be huge! there will also be lots of steemit piorn in the future and steem will have a massive "dark" side with Tor Steemit and anonsteem and steemit las vegas and there will be lots opf prostitution on steemit eventually just like how prostitutes take litecoin on backpage officially now!

Great photos, really I was scrolling past them few times making a stop every picture haha :D Definitely this is the niche that I would love to follow or rather I even feel obliged to.

Nice Shots. Check out my Channel

Congrats man!

Thanks Jason!

Girls, Girls, GIRLS!

Woooow.. Nice post photograph.. Well done post . You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.


wow amazing picture @nspart. i like it so much. i think you are great and pro photographer. i believe u have many great posting about photography with best shot and correct angle, waiting for latest post. Let's waking to my blog I have some beutiful photos on my wall.
i ve followed u, follow me back please. thank for visiting my wall

great photography man... u did n excellent job... keep it up..
followed n upvoted....:-)

Damn girl you look stunning in these pictures and we should never let anyone tell any less. Much love and congrats for reaching this milestone. May you achieve all your life goals after all that's what matters :)

Really beautiful pictures. Gorgeous women and tastefully done. Thanks for sharing! And congratulations. :)

love the pics keep up the good work beautiful :)

You must have the best job in the world. Great photography. Followed.

Wow! Just Wow! Thank you have a good day!


Ahh! Well done my friend - Also, the incorporation of the dark liquid with Porsche Monique and her hair...brilliant, just wonderfully gorgeous. Bravo

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

very beautiful model and very nice edit that picture.
Ready to vote and followed

Hi! I really like your photos and look forward to see some more :) I just launched a Facebook group for Steemit Visual Artists - to share a valuable content there between talented artists and help each other by upvotes etc. I don't aim for quantity, but quality. I just started and it would be great if you joined us :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/2016725948563341/
Cheers and keep going!

Congrats man. Keep up the good work!

Wow the beauty of this picture

You deserve those followers and more, your work its great!!

Thank you very much :)

Great photos!

Congratulations. I am jealous of your work! I have to work with different kind of models... :) scale models :) Want to change ? :)

Wooowwww beautiful work :) i love it... keep it up !!! followed you.

Check out my photoshops as well please.

Your really a classy guy. Its awesome to see someone with talent and class doing the kind of thing you do. Almost all the nudity stuff here on Steemit and in lots of places has no where near the real art you bring to it nor the class.
Your doing a great job and making it look good.
Keep up the great work.