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[Churaumi Aquarium, OKINAWA]

Nihongofoto Japanese Lesson 04

Aquarium in Japanese translates to:

🇯🇵 Suizokukan / 水族館

For anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Okinawa's Aquarium "Churaumi" they would most definitely say it's a beautiful and interesting place.

Beautiful in Japanese translates to:

🇯🇵 Kirei / 綺麗

Interesting in Japanese translates to:

🇯🇵 Omoshiroi / 面白い

(If someone were to ask you "How was Churaumi")

(🇯🇵 Churaumi Suizokukan wa dodatta? / 美ら海水族館はどだった)

You can reply:

🇯🇵 Churaumi Suizokukan wa utsukushikute omoshirokatta!

🇯🇵 美ら海は美しくて面白かった!

🇬🇧 Churaumi Aquarium was beautiful and interesting!

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