Hello Steemers My 1st post on "Broken Heart"

in photography •  8 months ago

good morning guys !!!
today i am start writing
poet on ''Broken Heart'' topic
in Hindi and English both language

There was a time when i just loved you
एक वक़्त था जब मै तुमसे प्यार करता था...

Your pain is coming in my way like this
My name is coming up on talking about every single person,
Those people who did not recognize me until today,
the same people say
Look that !!!

तेरा दर्द कुछ इस तरह से मेरे काम आ रहा है,
हर एक शख्स की ज़ुबां पर मेरा नाम आ रहा है
वो देखो !!!!

The wounded heart Nick is coming...IMG_20160525_170206.jpg
ज़ख़्मी दिल निक आ रहा है।।।

We're landing you're soulalone-confuse-dead-forest-Favim.com-1221083.jpg in my body like..
images (1).jpg
अपने जिस्म में रूह सा उतारते थे तुझे...

i thought just you all are my life live like that,
मान कर जिंदगी बिताना था तुझे,
There was a round when you used me to love you like madly,
एक दौर था जब तुझ से बे इम्तहा प्यार करते थे,indian-couple-loving.jpg

Now I do not care if you love me forever untill die...hate.jpg
अब अगर तू खुद महोब्बत बन चली आये तो मुझे फर्क नहीं पड़ता ।।।

Stay With Me And Get More Post On "Broken Heart " topic
I Hope You Like it...
Keep Supporting ,
Please upvote,comment and resteem my post
once again THANKS..

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Bro aak advice hai , Aapne subkuch sahi kiya likin tegs galat daldi..


Thanks for youre advice
Can you tell me ..
Kaunse tegs lagane chahiye?

Nice post.. keep it up bro

quite a poet you are !!

Nice bro, keep going

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Very good

All the best my friend

Gud welcm bro hope you do well in steemit


Thanks for your good wishes

wow bro your good poet, I just hate love and all those things, but lines are good. hahahaha


Haha thanks man wait for Tomorow you like next post broken heart part two....

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Nice Post you are really good at work keep it up..