96 Degrees In The Shade with a Redstripe Beer... Vintage Style... ahhh!!!

in photography •  last year

It ain't even Summer yet (Welcome to the Island of Jamaica) My Steem journey begins here. Pre-Summer 2017 though I signed up in Mid-Summer 2016.

Avatar J.A_Vintage.jpg

This is a Beer Moment and there's gonna be many for this Summer of which I'm looking to bring to you in Vintage color or Vivid color.


J.A_ out!

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Is that a stubby beer bottle?? LOL
Now that's Vintage..
I've been drinking a Red beer for a couple of months now,
& they are pretty tasty..
I liked your post https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@newton/is-segwit2x-really-the-death-of-bitcoin-as-we-know-it , so I checked your blog page..
I will now push Z follow buttonpushing button.gif
Hope you keep posting...