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A bouquet of flowers in sepia tone

in photography •  4 months ago


Photo of a bouquet of flowers in sepia tome. I took this photo in a flower market in Hong Kong. I consider that the sepia tone suits quite well to this image. Do you agree?

The camera used for this photo was a Olympus C3000Z and the settings were: (1/100 sec.; F 2.8 ; 100 ISO).

Click on the image, in order to see it on full-screen.

With this photo I am participating in the MonoMad photo contest, organized by @brumest and @monomchromes. You can read the rules of this contest here.

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Prave, sepio tre bonas al tiuj floroj! Bonan tagon majstro!


Plaĉas al mi ke vi ŝatis la foton. Dankon.