Mirror, mirror, round the pillar.....

in photography •  11 days ago 

Went to our local multiplex the other night and while we were waiting, I was mesmerised by these mirrors that were wrapped around the pillars. Perhaps small things really do amuse small minds!

So from these slivers of glass you get to see a totally distorted view of reality which isn't always a bad thing as it allows one the luxury to examine the mundane from a new angle and with a new approach.

I think there is a point here that perhaps our eyes and minds are just like those mirrors and that when we accept that all that we see or think may not be the true reality then we can began to examine our own beliefs and search out what that reality is.

Of course, I also thought it simply made a really nice, colourful picture!


Do you prefer reality distortion thinly sliced.....
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Thank you

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Posted using Partiko Android

eSteem App is an absolute dog! It crashes constantly, it's about as intuitive as my arse and looks dreadful......but as a fckle old tart, they gave me a 0.28 upvote....I'm easily bought ;-)

I just railed into the prick for being condescending.. I flagged their promo post for bid bot abuse as well and let them know I had to use another front end to flag them because I have no posting authority on their shit ass garbage. Dude had the nerve to tell me "if you don't know there were hfs last week and it's not at all their fault..

Obviously they don't know who they're riling up..

LOL....I had that posting issue too. Had to log out and log back from scratch and reset the PIN to sort it!

Any distorted view is fine by me 😎

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