This Guy is Sometimes My Date

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Mommy dates are a thing. @shawnamawna here to tell you I have am very lucky to get to spend one-on-one time with my kiddos. This is Kid 1 at the beginning of his (home)school year. We went to Chipotle for a lunch out together. He brought a book. I brought a book. We ate, we read, we chatted a bit, and I took pictures.


When he's all cleaned up, this kid is one handsome fellow. He also looks nearly just like me, and is practically my height which amuses me to no end.


Especially when he's pulling a face. I have to go check myself in the mirror to see if I can achieve that level of facial humor.


All around, this guy is a great kid. We have our struggles. (Don't all families?). No matter what, Kid 1 ends up showing up. Even when we least expect it. He is keenly interested in fairness and equal rights. It's led to multiple in-depth conversations I never expected to have with an 11 year old or younger.


In case you can tell by his expressions, this kid is an anime fan. I hope you enjoyed this photo introduction.

images and post by @shawnamawna

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he is such a cute boy, for such age with such motivation towards fairness and equal right ,he will definitely go far in life. i wish him success in all his aspirations. thanks for sharing.

I believe he is going to contribute something great to the world.

cute and handsome boy

Thank you so much. He's a dapper fellow.

You've got a really cute kid

Thank you! I'm always happy to see his face.

Soooo cute dear thanks for sharing keep it up I follow you

Thank you.