Ice Cream Sunday in Photos

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Hello! @shawnamawna here to tell you about the last Mommy date I had with our littlest kiddo. We went shopping at the mall, out to lunch and capped off our day out with ice cream.


This little one loooooves ice cream. She chose chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and a cherry. As she was eating, I couldn't help but snap a few pics with my phone. Seeing my children happy is such a joyful experience.


And the new hat and scarf really emphasize her squishable cheeks.


As far as dates go, this one was a 10/10 for giggles alone. While she destroyed that ice cream, I had an amazing cup of coffee, then it was back home for snuggles and rest.


A little more about that ice cream: It is vegan, made with coconut milk which is awesome because my sweetie is allergic to dairy and soy. We got it at local ice cream shop The Chocolate Moose.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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"More than nice work"

Heheh, had to do it. I couldn't stop myself ;)

OMG that smile doh! She is sooo happy with her ice cream! That look on her face makes me smile out loud <3

LOL and right? She has cheeks for days. 😍😍😍

Amazing smile, i use to have chubby cheeks like that ones, until i went to university and study took all, lol
I dont think i have a favourite ice-cream, just give me i single or a mixture of all, am good. As long as its tastes nice tho 😁

I know how university can take everything! I’m also an equal opportunity ice cream lover.

What course did you study in the university sire??

I love me some chocolate mixed with vanilla icecream. Best time with an angel like her eating together.

It was delightful.