Scenic Scotland #2

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Continuation of my last post :)

Melt away...

Mealt falls & Kilt Rock, Portree, Isle of Skye. Water from the freshwater lake "Loch Mealt" falls into the North Atlantic Ocean.


Highland Glory...

Shot from Glen Garry viewpoint while driving on the A82 along the Great Glen from Inverness to Isle of Skye, Scotland. Loch Oich is the lake in the foreground with the mountains of Laggan and Creag Meagaidh in the background.

Road to Storr...

Shot while driving from Portree to Lealt Falls, during the road trip around Scotland. Old man of Storr can be seen in the far right. The Storr is a rocky hill on the Trotternish peninsula of the Isle of Skye.


Finding Nessie...
Cruise boat in Loch Ness, Scotland. Single shot taken from Urquhart Castle.

Go Forth...

Forth Rail Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland at sunrise. These dramatic colours were there for just few minutes after which the sky went completely overcast. Also bridge was in line with the colourful sky. Lucky to be there at the right time.


Root of the tree...

Bunchrew House is a 16th Century Country House hotel in the shores of Beauty Firth, Inverness, Scotland. Had a nice stay during the road trip around Scotland in March this year. Bunchrew comes from the old Gaelic word ‘Buncrev’ meaning the ‘root of the tree’.

Hope you Liked them :)


Scotlands nature and coastline are indeed beautiful

No Doubt...Feels Heaven and so peaceful.

Are these all your photos?

No, they belong to the Camera which i own & the teachers that gave me the knowledge :)

Ok, I'm not joking around.

I've emailed Charlie Joe through the website contact form to confirm that this is Charlie Joe's account on Steemit. If you own that account, please respond to my contact and confirm. We take plagiarism very seriously here, and as a photographer I'm sure you understand.

If he cannot confirm this account I will be forwarding it to the plagiarism team.

In your introduction post you did not mention being a photographer at all, which is highly suspect.

Was thinking the same thing - glad you are following up on it.

Super spammy account too...

He's admitted to plagiarising, please downvote all of the photography posts.

will do.

Its a collection of over 5 years of clicking :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 8.54.33 AM.png

You all of a sudden wanted to portray yourself as a photographer, huh :)

Please respond to my contact form asap.

Thank you. You will never make another visible post on Steemit again because this has ruined your reputation score. Don't plagiarise.

yes it has. Anyways was a mistake from my end and did not realise your not allowed.

You thought it was allowed to impersonate a photographer and attempt to make money off of their work? Come on.

Your major mistake was asking me to check your stolen posts.

But this doesn't mean the end, I suggest that you create a new account and start again, and this time... don't plagiarise. :)

breathtaking photos, so beautiful. thanks for sharing, what an amazing place. that sunset looks like a painting.

Thank you for your kind words :)

OMG! Can't believe in my eyes!

The world is a beautiful place, you only need to capture it and enjoy the moment as well :)

Beatiful. I don't recall Bunchrew House but the rest I'm very familiar with. Nice work

Thanks once again :)

Gorgeous scenery... beautiful photographs! Upvoted. Cheers!

Glad you liked them. Thank you for your kind words.

Sure! :) You are talented... The 3rd and the 4th photos are my favourites.

Nice view upvoted done

Thanks for your kind words.

Excellent shots!

Thanks @noborders :). your opinion is highly valuable.

My pleasure, keep up the good work :)

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