No, they belong to the Camera which i own & the teachers that gave me the knowledge :)

Ok, I'm not joking around.

I've emailed Charlie Joe through the website contact form to confirm that this is Charlie Joe's account on Steemit. If you own that account, please respond to my contact and confirm. We take plagiarism very seriously here, and as a photographer I'm sure you understand.

If he cannot confirm this account I will be forwarding it to the plagiarism team.

In your introduction post you did not mention being a photographer at all, which is highly suspect.

Was thinking the same thing - glad you are following up on it.

Super spammy account too...

He's admitted to plagiarising, please downvote all of the photography posts.

will do.

Its a collection of over 5 years of clicking :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 8.54.33 AM.png

You all of a sudden wanted to portray yourself as a photographer, huh :)

Please respond to my contact form asap.

Thank you. You will never make another visible post on Steemit again because this has ruined your reputation score. Don't plagiarise.

yes it has. Anyways was a mistake from my end and did not realise your not allowed.

You thought it was allowed to impersonate a photographer and attempt to make money off of their work? Come on.

Your major mistake was asking me to check your stolen posts.

But this doesn't mean the end, I suggest that you create a new account and start again, and this time... don't plagiarise. :)