Mobile Photography Series Project [BACK LOG] - THE END

in photography •  11 months ago 

So I was doing my backlog, I was trying to share my old photos, but today I realise that sharing old stuff and something from the pass it's a little bit useless. I'm person which always put head up and go forward, one of the motto is - Never look back. I do look back but when I do it it's always my personal memories which I share with people which are close to me, not necessarily on internet.

This Mobile Photography Series was long term project, however with just few upvotes and not people engaging in I've decided to stop it and move forward. Make a real change.....

I'm planning to concentrate on bigger projects, much more bigger than what is today, tomorrow or in a week, it's better to concentrate on long term plans. I guess things which we do everyday we should share with the closest, spend time outside, take a deep breath, do some exercise - simply enjoy our everyday life, and when there is energy focus on something, but on something bigger.... That's what I plan to do.......

Screen shot from my typography using instagram....

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 20.47.49.png

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