Rain Drops

in photography •  22 days ago


Hello everyone.
December was the rainy season in my country, some people stayed at home when it rained, but some residents in my place continued to do their activities as usual even in rainy situations. This morning, when I was about to leave for work, suddenly the rain fell very heavy, I waited until the rain stopped. In my heart I muttered, rather than I was tired of waiting for the rain to subside, I'd better use the time to take pictures with my camera. This time I tried to take some pictures of rain water that fell to the ground from the roof of my house. And here are some pictures that I managed to take using the Canon M100 camera. Hope you like it.






Stay Excited and Don't Forget to be Happy

Simpang Buloh, 30 December 2018

Best Regard,



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pemotretan yang anda lakukan sangat luar biasa. ini seperti pemotretan yang di lakukan oleh orang yang sudah profesional. saya sendiri tidak terfikir untuk mengambil pemotretan pada air hujan. ide anda benar-benar sangat bagus. sukses terus teman aku.


Terima kasih teman, masih amatir dalam.bidang photography, namun aku terus belajar suatu saat akan menjadi photographer profesional...

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