Butterfly! Up close and personal! Macrophotography!

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The Pale Grass Blue Butterfly has a very discriptive yet rather plain name, they and species very similar to them can be found in south and east Asia. It is a small delicate butterfly, about 10mm long. It also likes to take breaks from flying and to rely on it's small size and profile to go undetected. Thankfully, humans have very good colour vision, so spotting one isn't terribly difficult especially if it moves!


A bit farther away but I do like the composition of this shot, the slightly tilted butterfly seems to have more personality!

I hope you have enjoyed the images!

Please leave a comment below!


Great macros. Could not walk away without leaving an upvote.

Thank you for your support @onealfa.photo!

Great macros!

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Hey thank you very much @axeman! I also enjoy your photos. I haven't been so active as of late but I'll visit your blog soon. :) And the discord.

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Fantastic! Thanks @c-squared and community!

Wow... this come cool out :)
I hope you can soon get more this bug :) And blue is cool :)

Thank you @foxkoit! Forecast is for rain this weekend but I'll see if there are some interesting creatures about!

Then you have time to think where to go and get lot photos :)

...my garden...lol, though seriously, it's where I find a lot of my macro subjects! Haven't been to the park recently though... :P

ok..ok :)) I bee soon back then ;)

Sorry ... I'll be back soon ;)

great macros!! you nailed its eyes -- very impressive.

Thank you, the eyes are really the most important part to get right!

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