The wonderful world of macro photography - Part 2

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It is pouring outside, my wife is on Facebook complete with cup of tea and cat in lap, my boy is playing the Playstation and my little princess is having a nap. So to kill time before we take them swimming I decided to trawl through my old photos and see if I could add to my collection of 'not so' macro photos that I have already shared with you.

The advent of camera phones has severely impacted my passion for shooting life through a lens. I was once a very proficient amatuer photograhper and the convenience of this technology has made me lazy. I no longer go out searching for great shots, I just take them as and when they appear.

Has this happened to any of you? Do you think camera phones are a good or a bad thing? Is this just a natural progression in the world of photography, just like switching from film to digital. Or are we losing valuable skills?

I now have a week off from work, so I am going to dust off my old camera, get the battery on charge and put some effort into taking pictures. Lets see how they turn out...

All images were taken with my Nikon D40X.






Maple Leaf.jpeg



Great photos bro! I wish I could take shots like that! Thanks for sharing. Good to see you posting too.

Thanks @galenkp glad you liked them. Going to try and get back into photography.

Being a photographer is never about the gear you have, it's about having the mindset to see the image where others don't or getting out there with a plan to find an image. Don't wait for the image, go and get it. That sand ripple image is my favourite by the way. Followed in the hope that I can see you get out there and take some awesome pics.

You took these? Amazing macros!

@steemed-open thank you so much. Yeah I took them a few years ago when I was at university. I am a bit nostalgic today because I haven't used my proper camera in a long time and feel like it is high time that I cracked it out again.

Wow these are awesome photos
Following for more

@sallybeth23 That is very kind of you.

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