Colourful Photography Contest - The Temptation of Bread 🌈🍞 面包诱惑 (by @mrspointm)

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Hi, steemit friends!💙

Happy Thursday! Here is my entry for Colourful Photography Contest hosted by @juliank. If you have an interest, you can click here to know more.

今天星期四,祝愿大家有美好的一天。这是我参加的由 @juliank 举办的Steemit 摄影参赛的照片,主题是五彩缤纷。如果大家感兴趣的话,可以点击这里。


Theme: Colourful Photography

Location: Meishan, China

Camera used: iPhone 6

The word "colorful" can not only be used to describe the scenery, but can apply to food, like this dessert called the temptation of bread. Do you think its appearance is more attractive than its name? Do you want to have a taste?


World Map!steemitworldmap 29.996721 lat 104.147646 long d3scr

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    😄 味道也诱惑

    This photo makes me hungry.


    lol...each time I see this one, I feel hungry!😋

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    味道很不错哟 😄