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This herbivorous insect has an antenna that is almost always shorter than its body and also has a short ovipositor, The sound generated by some grasshopper species is usually produced by rubbing the rear femur against the front wing called stridulation, or by flapping its wings while flying. The rear femur is generally long and strong which is suitable for jumping.


These insects aree generally winged, although their wings are sometimes unavailable to fly, the femele locusts are generally larger than the male mantis, grasshoppers can be found in plants, but most commonly found are locusts that live in rice crops such as rice crops and in grass growing in rice fields.


According to islamic religion the halal grasshopper is to be eaten even though it is killed without being slaughtered first. The law of halal grasshopper is the same as the law of the fish.

This photo is taken by xiaomi 5C camera with macro focus


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