Let it grow.

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2020-01-29 12.07.34 1.jpg

A few things I learned this week:

  1. Repetitive criticism will not make things change faster.
  2. Older opinions are not the only opinions.
  3. It is okay to feel what you are feeling.

This post is for all the gen Z's and everyone who feels constantly shooshed, on this platform. Your age doesn't determine whether you will be heard or not.

If you feel deeply about something or not at all, speak about it with your friends or your families. Let it all out. Let the conversations grow.


Oh I agree with all that you said especially the first one. Sometimes people think that when you point out mistakes again and again, the person being criticized will be able to catch up and improve right away. There's no need to rush definitely and we have our own pace.

I love the photograph!

I think it's the same plant that I have here?
Menstrual Cup1.jpg

I don't know certainly, a friend just gave it to me lol. And I certainly have like 0.001% knowledge about flowers and plants but I do appreciate their beauty. :)

Would be nice to see all your photographs compiled in one post. Or some kind of story behind your photographs. :D

I don't know much about flowers either, but I can tell you they don't fit in that little vase! 😂

Lol I'm not supposed to put them inside this cup, am I? :O

Lol It was a joke! I see you love your cup!

Wow thank you! This is pretty dope! Wow, thank you for your advise, i really appreciate it. Will do! Wow thank you.

I think that only people with high self-esteem can accept any criticism without feeling affected. I love photography!

I see your point. Though actually the criticism I'm speaking about is one more based on personal matters than on content, but still that can be applied to it too.

Repetitive criticism will not make things change faster

Very right

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