Shelf cloud before the storm

in photography •  3 months ago


This was taken a couple of days ago as the thunderstorms began to roll in.

No filters. Photo taken with Canon Powershot SX1iS

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colors I love it

Like a shark's head, hmmmm cool

WOW! That one is impressive!

edit: I DM'd you in discord.


It was definitely kind of cool to see it build but the storm stayed to the east. We had the light show and thunder without the rain ⛅

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@merej99 beautiful view.liked this photography.keep sharing.


Thank you! I kind of wish there weren't any houses around to see more of the cloud building up ☺

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It is a nice photo

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Thank you 😊 I love how dynamic the sky gets with the Florida storms

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It's definitely a camoflauged UFO. Definitely. XD

Just spectacular @merej99
When I was little I used to look at the clouds to see if they would formations like my recently died pet puppy.

Oh My Goodness Nature at it's best. I always love the weather before the rain and this is something exceptional. Thank you Mere for taking this wonderful shot :)

Such a beautiful scenario dear.
Nice capture.
How are you?

What a beautiful sight!

Thanks for sharing...