Photography throwback - On stage

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Well, in photography, especially in sports and stage photography it's very important where you will position yourself. In this case your "enemy" will not wait you to "shoot" him, and your shot will most likely be wasted. So apart from the positioning, the perfect timing is very important too.

I love the way this photo appeared and even the lighting seems to be arranged for my exact spot. It was 12 years ago and the camera is not great at low light conditions, but it was really dark during this part of the performance, as I remember. So, if you are not doing some large prints, the quality should be ok.

As I go back in the days when I was in the high school, some feelings start to pop up. I miss the time when I used to go out and shoot without exact idea. The time when I went to various events and concerts and made this kind of On-stage photos. I just hope that one day I will have again some free time, because the photography is very relaxing and joyful hobby.

See you soon!


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