New year, new photography throwback photo! Sport photography.

in #photography4 years ago

Remembering the days back, maybe 10 years ago, I was well into Rhythmic Gymnasics. I had several friends, practicing this sport, and I went on several events to take photos. The quality of the photos is terrible, given the fact my Panasonic Lumix FZ-7 had a tiny sensor and its low light photography capabilities were not present at all. But... All about these photos is catching the right moment and getting the emotions of the girls.


This is maybe one of my best photos, taken back then in time. Well, it cannot compare with all the professional photos, taken with various Canons and Nikons, which were vastly used by the sport photographers.


The colors here are very far away from the real ones and the texture of the photos is unique for these Panasonic cameras. They almost seem like drawn with aqua paints. But this really was not bothering me and I was happy with the photos I made.


I was hoping though, that one day I would own a professional Canon... This day still havent come, and nowadays I have slightly different priorities in spending my money. I guess, I can buy a used Canon 5D, which is maybe 10 or 12 years model... and the price will not be high at all. But given the fact the technological gadgets are being made to last for a couple of years, just to make you buy the next model, I don't really think it will be a wise investment.

So, for now I will only wish you to have a nice day and a very pleasant year.


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