Party at The Club 2!

in photography •  24 days ago

Drinking responsibly is perhaps my emphasis when going out the club and I always make sure to drink well within my limits to keep a clear hold over my actions and surroundings. After all, clubbing is an environment with both friends and strangers and it’s a good idea to have fun responsibly. I tend to turn up to the club in the later hours of the night to enjoy an already live and ready atmosphere. It can take some time to get the party started and a quiet room isn’t that we go to the club for.

Entering club closer towards midnight, I could hear the loud music blaring. Chinese clubs will often play a variety of music and clubbers will often frequent their own tastes depending on their mood. Special DJs also make appearances now and then so it’s nice to keep up with who is performing at the time to get a feel as to whether the vibe will be worth turning up for. On this particular night the club was very much alive and we were immersed in its atmosphere. We started the party off with a few bottles of our favourite, Dom Perigon. We danced and sang the night away, forgetting all the stress and living out the night while young.

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