My half day trip to Edinburgh

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Several of my friends were fortunate to have studied in Edinburgh university where the buildings, landscape and general mood seem to be rich with history. I'm not sure about the details and stories behind all the buildings, but given that they are several hundred years old, having provenance is a certainty. I only had a very brief tour of the city and for the most part, was overwhelmed by the kind of English spoken in Scotland which was vastly different from the English that I'm used to hearing. Certainly a welcome change and quite likeable because it gives the area and it's people a degree of uniqueness and inherent likeability.

It goes without saying that the city itself is beautiful. So much gothic architecture, particularly in the old town. My most memorable part is definitely the cockburn street which was like a set from a movie like lord of the rings or harry potter. I found myself drawn to nearly everything I looked at. It could be simple things like the sign posts hanging outside buildings, or the way the street performers would engage with you and look like they were having so much fun. Sometimes it was the surprise and excitement of someone who was performing something crazy, like breathing fire, or playing a bagpipe.

The bus which takes us everywhere on the tour is much like the ones in other major cities in Europe. I thought it would be cold especially at this time of year and the latitude of Edinburgh, but I was wrong, it was actually quite a comfortable temperature, at times warm when the sun would shine directly on us. It's such a good thing to have a breath of fresh air whilst having a tour around a beautiful city in gorgeous sunshine.

St Giles's Cathedral has some of the best views from within the city. Especially down the Royal Mile. You can even go inside and take a closer look at the clock tower's inner workings. For me, I decided to stay on the bus and enjoy the ride as it goes up and down the small hills of Edinburgh.

Looking at the city from higher ground, the citiy reminds me of a living history book, something you could expect from a movie like Fantastical Beasts. The fact that the city is built beside a stunning coastline makes it even more magical.

I wish I could spare more time exploring, every little winding street seems to be a relic of a history untold, perhaps it was told and I am yet to discover it. I must make an exclusive return to find out what pieces of history I am missing.

Castle is one of the most important landmarks to visit, and sadly my phone ran out of battery by the time I got there. It's a very striking building at the top of the Royal Mile, and dominates the skyline of Edinburgh. Once a fortress, it is now the place where you'll find the crown jewels as well as some military exhibits.


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