As you know, they symbolize love all over the world.

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In mythology, the red rose flower was considered a saint, in Roman times as a symbol of love, in the Romantic era and today it expresses the immortal and unique love between a woman and a man.

Therefore, the flower of the red rose was recognized as one of the guiding symbols of St. Valentine's Day.

But not only because there is another flower expressing the child's love for the mother more beautifully. A bouquet of red roses is an unforgettable gift on the day of its feast.

Many ancient cultures used red roses in wedding ceremonies, especially for dressing the bride. This custom remains in some countries, and the red rose is an important attribute of the wedding symbolizing the love and loyalty of the future spouses.

Interestingly, the red petals of roses have many names, because different shades of it are translated and perceived as its various faces and symbols. Strong, intense red reflects sincere drama and pain. Carmine shade expresses erotic fantasies, cardinal colour - strong, sharp train and interest, amaranth - long-felt desire, thirst as hot as fire and inflamed with undying passion and purple - swearing eternal love.

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Great posting..? how are you buddy after few month i came back and i miss you very much...?

Hello, I am so fine. A lot of is happing and life is so wonderfully plus full of fantastic moments. Thank you. How are you?

So beautiful flower

Thank you so much :)

"amaranth - long-felt desire, thirst as hot as fire and inflamed with undying passion " I love now having the word amaranth to talk about that color and those emotions. Nice post, thanks.

I so appreciate your kind words. Thank you

Roses are red and so are yours cheek!
Hoping that warm weather has arrived on your front!
Keep warm and strong!

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I am looking forward to Spring. Greetings my friend :)

Hey! Spring will be here soon!

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Beautiful flower!

You are so kind :) Thank you

So good to see that dear hope you are doing great :D

Thank you my dear :)

Hey Margaret! Just checking in with you guys. I'm now in Bali Indonesia. Been here for almost a week now. I'm loving it. With my kind of people, Canggu in Bali, has been rated the #1 spot of digital nomads in the world.

What about you guys? Still in Poland helping family?

Wishing you the very best! -Dan

Hello, Dan :)

I am so glad that you are in Bali. It is a really wonderful place in the world :)

We've been to Egypt. We had a totally relaxing time there. In Poland was such bad weather and I wanted some Sun.

We still in Poland. I am looking forward to Spring it's just behind the corner I can feel it now :)

Lots of positive energy I am sending to you :)))))

Take care my good friend :)

Oh wow. I'm sure you got plenty of sun in Egypt. Sounds exciting. I've never been there but I want to go. So good to hear from you and sending some positive energy your way too. Spring is just around the corner. I'm sure Poland will be lovely that time of year.

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