Another snowy day

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Snowing is continue here. There are many beautiful scenes and objects.
And, of course trees are impressive.




Ve kar yağmaya devam ediyor. Yollar, sokaklar ve en güzeli de ağaçlar. Böyle bir manzara ile uyanmak.

Gün içinde, bir ara aşağı inip, bir de o güzel ağaçları yerden çekeyim.


Where is it? What country? Looks like it is Russia, Belorussia or Ukraine)

haha. Well done :) but i expected to not ask all that option, because i think you "should" realize immediately your "home" ;) @gritata

I love the way things look covered by snow.

it looks so innocent and peaceful.

Software engineer is cool, I'm locked up in a office!

hehee :)) i try to take enjoy. But, not easy job.

i know... snow is extraordinary beauties for Nature but harmful and pathetic for human...may be...!!

All things in life have double-side. Beautiful side and its troubles :)

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