A sunny winter day in Istanbul and beautiful sea

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After a long while, i had chance to visit Haliç(Golden Horn) and Boğaz(Bosphorus) in weekday. Big luck, it was a sunny day and sea was really beautiful. Seagulls were so happy :) Since it is weekday, there was not "usual" crowd and really so cool :)

Haftaiçi birgün, birkaç toplantı arasında zamanımın olması dolayısıyla, havanın güneşli olmasını fırsat bilip, Haliç kenarı bir yürüyüş yapmak istedim. Hava güneşli(ama yine de soğuk), haftasonu kalabalığı yok ve deniz çok güzeldi. Martılar bile o gün bir ayrı göründü gözüme.








buenas fotografias

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I had beeen in Istanbul just one time maaaaany years ago (about 10), but, if I close my eyes, I can still recall the magic :)

Hoş geldin tekrardan @mahsumakbas :)
Fotoğraflar çok güzel olmuş hepsi. Özellikle 5 numarayı çok beğendim. Ellerine sağlık. Benim yerime de gez :))

hoşbulduk can @damla
Teşekkür ederim, seve seve gezerim ;) dediğin fotoğrafta, özellikle o noktadan Galata'nın görünümünü çok seviyorum. Fırsat buldukça paylaşırım

Seems beautiful place.

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Wonderful, would love to see the city someday

Istanbul welcomes you ;)

Haha that's generous, soon INSHALLAH

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that's awesome
was it expensive staying there?

Thank you. Actually, it depends on expectations and conditions. i can't answer directly to say yes or no about expensive.

thanks to represent Istanbul. i don't know the name of this sea birds...! blue water and sunny weather overall all photography is very beautiful. thanks to share this.

Magnificent city full of various cultures and history. Been there 2 times. Enjoyed every second. Thanks for the photos.

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I read your article very well. Your writing helped me a lot.

Wow, beautiful photos. In my country (Serbia) is really winter time- it's snowing. I'm glad I can see some photos like these, because I really like nice and sunny weather, the summer the most. Thanks for sharing. :)

Great photo! Thanks for sharing!

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