Steemians Selfie Contest #001 ( 12 STEEM Prize Pool) #Day-03

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Welcome to the "Steemians Selfie Contest". In this contest there Going to be a personal Selfie Contest between the steemit users.


Steemians Selfie Contest:- This is a public selfie contest which is organised by the authority of Steemians Selfie Contest Discord Server. By creating this contest the author want to help all the Steemit users by rewarding them.

You can get rewards for your creative selfies. Just put your selfie on the comment space below the post and get the highest chance to get 5 SBD.

Contest Requirements :-

• Participants must be my followers!

• Only personal selfies are allowed for this contest!

• Put your selfie on the comment space and write a caption about this.

• Upvote this post

• Resteem this post

• Be a part of Steemians Selfie Contest Discord Server (Not Necessary)

• One submission for a participant.

By doing any abusive things the participant will be banned.

The contest will be stayed for next 5 days.

Rewards :-

1st Prize : 5 STEEM
2nd Prize : 3 STEEM
3rd Prize : 2 STEEM
4th-20th : 0.1 STEEM (each participant)

If you have participated 3 Contests in a row then you can get extra 0.15 STEEM Instantly!

NB:- Don't try to be abusive! Only one entry for one person. You can not share your Selfie on multiple posts of 5 days contest. Good Luck for Every Participant.

Post of Day-01 :-

**Post of Day-02 :-

Visit The Official Steemians Selfie Contest Discord Channel

📷 Steemians Selfie Contest Road Map 🌎 :-

★ Contest By the Author Posts :- 22th August - 28th December, 2018
★ Create Steemit Account :- 1st January, 2019
★ Development of Steemit Account ( Grown up SP and Reputation) :- 2nd January - 24th February, 2019
★ Beta Testing With Steemit Account :- 25th February - 11th March, 2019
★ Increase Prize Pool :- 13th March, 2019
★ Final Announcement :- 31st March, 2019

Feel free to ask anything about Steemians Selfie Contest on our Discord Server

Steemians Selfie Contest Author and Judges Team :- @mahmudulhassan @dihan @evalina @humaira


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Today's outin' ❤ perfect day for hangout!!



Wow.. beautiful looking

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My selfie mode.. I'm always go to the place where with water either river, lake or sea to refresh and unload stress. So there I was in the lake having moment..