rotating the lights during one photographic long exposure

in photography •  20 days ago

I love to play with lights!

Moving them in a circle, to create some light discs during one longexposure, fascinated me a lot for a long time. Here some of my favorite results.

Lightpainting Artwork created by Mafu Fuma

Single exposure Light Art Photography /nolayer /notricks /nophotoshop

Titel: Old Mens Button

Old Mens Button.jpg

Titel: Corrupted Disc

Corrupted Disc.jpg

Titel: Landed at the Cornfield

Landed at the Cornfield.jpg

Titel: Brazilian Flavour

Brazilian Flavour.jpg

About Light Painting:

Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera, or by moving the camera itself during exposure. Nothing is added or removed in post processing.

Regards: @mafufuma

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Wow, what a great result, just amazing! It's like a very artistic hand made illustration. I really love it.



Thank U! If I am in the darkness and turn my Camera into Bulbmode, every kind of light source transforms into a brush. The night is my canvas! ;-)

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This is super cool, looks like vinyl records spinning....


Thanks! Now as you say so. This kind of pictures can also be done with a spinning turntable with some colourful light on it. Never did it, but after your comment it screams for that. ;-)

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I’m really enjoying your light painting techniques! Long exposure has always fascinated me, but not something I have experimenting with myself.. but it is very tempting to try. Thanks for sharing these and I look forward to your future works.


Thanks for the comment, but don´t even think about start light painting. It´s addictive! ;-)

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