Hala Gasienicowa, Tatra Mountains, Poland [OC]

in photography •  4 years ago  (edited)

I quite liked this shot. The reflection in the pond adds some symmetry.

The mountain on the left is called Koscielec (roughly "Bone Mountain"), and the middle large one is Swinica (roughly "Pig Mountain"). The one on the right is not as impressive as it looks, as it's just a part of the ridge (visible in some of my other pictures). I've climbed everything you can see in the picture.

Last one for tonight. I'll later be creating a more comprehensive post where admittedly I'll likely reuse some of these photos, however, I'll add significantly more descriptive content to sew it all together. I hope you'll like it. :)

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You are very talented photographer. Thanks for sharing with steemit friends.

Ah this is stunning.

Seriously. :) The instant I saw this it also reminded me of a shot I want to take some day in the Rocky Mountains.
Besides needing better camera equipment, I can only get the shot once or twice a year, when a certain area of the landscape is flooded.
I would also need somewhere around a 12'(4m) ladder.
That's awesome you can walk right up to the water, and still see the mountains. :D

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