Street Photography: En l'absence d'un carnaval

in #photography5 years ago

My good friend Samuel and I had plans to attend the Lagos street carnival that held yesterday. We left for the carnival around 6:30 pm even though it was slated to commence 12pm (aint no one ready to fry under this hot Nigerian sun homie). But upon arrival on the location we found the ends of the street barricaded and a crowd of people struggling at the ends of the barricades.

Upon further investigation we found out they were no longer allowing people in because there were apparently too many people (what a wow). After waiting for a bit with no hope for a change in the situation we left. Samuel had to eat so we went to the mall to get food, then hit the streets to take photos.

Street Photos 24.jpg

Street Photos 5.jpg

Street Photos 6.jpg

Street Photos 4.jpg

Street Photos 7.jpg

Street Photos 14.jpg

Street Photos 10.jpg

Street Photos 23.jpg

Street Photos 28.jpg

Street Photos 27.jpg

Street Photos 28.jpg

Street Photos.jpg

It was fun trying to get the best shot, and I should tell you I took like a hundred before cutting down, I'm falling more and more in love with photography with every passing day.


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