The Adventure Continues - Nikkor 70 - 300mm AF 4.0/56g Lens - Original Photo Series "Various" - Itay 2017

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I'm still shooting with the Nikkor 70 - 300mm lens, and I think that resolved the noise problem descreasing the speed, opening the diaphragm even more, using always the same ISO (200), but it's not so good yet. I'm using the tripod all the time too, and it's still so hard (for me) to take the focus in long distance.
I share with you the new pics that I did last weekend.
Comments and suggestions are welcome. (;

Focal Lenght: 120mm; Iso: 200; f 8g; Speed: 1/200s

Focal Lenght: 210mm; Iso: 200; f 4.8g; Speed: 1/320s

Focal Lenght: 300mm; Iso: 200; f 5.6g; Speed: 1/650s

Focal Lenght: 300mm; Iso: 200; f 5.6g; Speed: 1/250s

Focal Lenght: 95mm; Iso: 200; f 6.3; Speed: 1/200s

Focal Lenght: 70mm; Iso: 200; f 8g; Speed: 1/400s

Preview Post : First Impressions

Device: Nikon D3200
Lens: 70 - 300mm f/4-5.6 g AF
Basic Editing: Nikon View 2

Note - Pictures are under the Creative Commons license
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Thank you for posting @lordemau. This is an interesting series...being given the opportunity to discover what the capabilities are with a different lens through your experience and results. Well done.

Lovely photographs...enjoyed them all....water... boats....birds...beautiful buildings. and nature....Thank you.


Thanks so much Bleujay! I'm trying understand better this lens, and I like very much discovering new possibilities to photography. I'm so very glad that you enjoyed all the pics, for me this is the best! (;

Love the second shot the most!


Thanks so much! To me it's always hard choice the best one, but i think the second is the most too! (;

Belas fotos @lordemau. Tá com problema em segurar a câmera? Balança muito? Não entendi quando vc falou que tá difícil focar com o tripé.


Valew Santana! Se vc ver o 1° post q fiz sobre a 70 - 300mm (foto 5), vc vai entender. Coloquei o link neste post.(;

Nice shots! I like second and third from the end more of them


Thanks my friend Boddhi! I'm suspect to talk about the pics. Great choice (;