My First Impressions - Nikkor 70 - 300mm f/4-5.6 g AF Lens - Original Experimental Photoshoot - Italy 2017

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Hello Steemians!
Yesterday my new lens was arrived - Nikkor 70 - 300mm f/4-5.6 g AF -, and this is the first time that I took pictures with a tele objective lens. It's an incredible feeling of transformation when you put one of these "monters" on your cam. You know that you have a new power in your hands, but at the same time, you don't know much what to do with the power.
It's not a review about the lens, but my first impressions of what I felt and noticed after some photos that I took.
I'd like to share this experience with you. Comments welcome.

Photo 1 - For portraits with high light is so good. You can use high speeds, less ISO, and usual aperture . You don't have a noise with enlarge 50% or more the pic.
190mm - f 7.1 - 1/500s - ISO 100

Photo 2 - In the same situation I increase the speed, ISO and the close a little bit the diaphragm. The result was the same. Enlarging the photo 50% or more you don't have noise.
200mm - f 8 - 1/800s - ISO 200

Photo 3 - I decided walk around my home and try other situations. I found a place with less light, and i took this pic. The len's "bokeh" it's incredible, but i noticed in this situation that used more ISO, decrease speed and take more aperture. I've had a little noise (very little, because the cam focus is not so good in this photo) at a 50% enlarge.
200mm - f 4.8 - 1/250s - ISO 800

Photo 4 - I was searching long distances to try the lens's zoom, and when I found this one, I don't know what happened. I tried several times change the settings cam, but the best result was this at 200mm. I think the light was not so good or the speed was very high.
200mm - f 4.8 - 1/1600s - ISO 400

Photo 5 - I noticed when you use the lens zoom (over 150mm) for long distances not so easy take the focus, because shake very much the subject. So I took my tripod and I did the another one pic. In this case the are very noise in the subject and the sky when you enlarge at 50%. I think the aperture (f 10) wasn't appropriate at 300mm.
300mm - f 10 - 1/640s - ISO 400

Photo 6 - The last one i knew that is imposible don't have noise, because this lens is a dark lens, and don't have auto-focus e VR (Vibration Reduction).
300mm - f 5.6 - 1/1000s - ISO 400

At first moment I noticed that the lens is very good for portrait with high light and high speeds at short distances. There is a awesome colors, sharpness, and great contrast. It's too early to talk about the other features, and I'd rather understand it more before saying whether it's a good or bad lens.

Device: Nikon D3200
Lens: 70 - 300mm f/4-5.6 g AF
Not editing

Note - Pictures are under the Creative Commons license
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Thank you! @lordemau


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Wow, beautiful Lens and Pictures...


Thanks so much! I adore your comments! (;


Most welcome ;)

Cool review. I don't personally shoot with Nikon gear, but it's always good to see what the competition is doing. The f/stop on this lens probably wouldn't suit my needs, but the glass Nikon uses is always pristine.
I'm particularly fond of the flower, the cat, and the sunset. Nice work.


Many thanks for your comments. I got this lens because I'd like to try other visions. I had only one lens, and this one was my choice ($) to increase my range. I know it's a dark lens, but in this moment it's ok for me! Thanks so much one more time and welcome! (;

Cool setup and great tutorial!


Thanks so much my brother! (;

Cool. You have an new follower.


Thanks so much! Follow too! (;


Thank you :-)

wonderful lens.....Much fun with it and always good light


Yes, it is! I'm lost with it yet! (;

great review!


Thanks so much! It's a really first impression yet. I don't known use very well this " little monster" @ aksinya! (;

Useful review, thanks for share ^_^


Thanks so much! (;