Reflections | Roubaix Lake

in photography •  9 months ago

What is it about a reflection on water that draws us in so much? Is it the calmness that enables the light to glimmer just so...or is it simply that we were designed to appreciate beauty such as this? Whatever the reason, this is the place I feel at peace. Where my soul takes a deep breath...and lets go of all the wrong in the world.




You see, I think we all have a place like this. For some it could be at the beach, maybe even in the middle of a big city, or on the banks of a river, but in my case; it’s in the forest, amongst the trees.




The location may be different for each individual, but the feeling is still the same. It is the place we feel grounded, connected, and at peace, where we can find ourselves again. So, find your place... and take care of it, because it will take care of you in return.

Roubaix Lake, South Dakota
Taken April 27th, 2018 on a iPhone8 plus


All photos and content are our own. Please do not use any part of this post without our expressed permission. Thank you.

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Looks like a really nice place, sunny n blue skies...
It reminds me of Gran Canaria.


Thank you! Yes, it’s such a peaceful place.. good fishing too!

hi mom i like your photography ,, it is very nice, very beautiful, nice shot.


I’ll never get use to the mom nickname 🤣. Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the pops of blue in this one. Thanks again ❤️

I agree. Mine is in the woods. I feel like all is right again when I can get outside and walk in nature. It's like instant stress away. Lovely photos!


Yes! Sometimes I just need to walk away and go to the woods, I always come back feeling like a different person... no more mean momma 😬. Thank you so much!

Yes. Mine is the beach, but also pretty much anywhere outside at dusk. Yours is lovely.


The beach is such a good one, it’s my Mom’s personal favorite as well. Something about the sound of the waves crashing in, melts everything else away. Thank you 🙏

I see a lot of reflextion pics lately, I'm gonna make my own - @llfarms (probably) 2018?


See! Reflections draw us in... everyone loves a good reflection. I’m sure your reflections post would also be filled with humor and then of course somehow I would learn something along the way too.... how do you do that? I’m not a photographer 😂 but I always see everyone putting the date and what they took the photo with, so I did the same. 2018- it was taken a few days ago.


Mmm reflections... Do you wanna learn about reflections? :thinking:

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