Minimalist Photography and Music ... these are a few of my favorite things

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Photography and music go hand in hand to me.. I always really enjoy pairing them together and I can’t get this song out of my head...

play music while scrolling...

Biglewater - By Brown Bird

”It don’t matter if the cold wind blows
I’m gonna wind up working in the thick of it“


”That’s just the waves slamming against the topsides’ sound. Don’t let the ever rolling motion go and get you down”


”Turn your head toward the storm that’s surely coming along”


”If the sun was always shining and our load always light, We’d be shaking like a leaf with every God given night”


”And we’d break under the weight of any pressure That was ever applied”


”Don’t let his condescension get you down...”


”To fight it all I will face it all, To fight it all I’ll embrace it all”


”Just have the strength to know you’re wrong, And when you’re right the strength to stand your ground...”


Have the strength to know you’re wrong, And when you’re right the strength to stand your ground...

Much Love,


All photos are my own and taken with a fuji x-t2 35mm

Music and lyrics by Brown Bird

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aside all of these long ass comments, has anyone told you that you are a cute looking lady? :) hehe

Hey @llfarms - these photos are freaking amazing -
Keep up the great work... you have a new follower (me lol) !

I'm still pretty new to Steemit, but feel free to come check out the photography I have posted so far! Thanks. <3


Hey thanks!! Welcome to Steem! I followed you back and will get some links to some photography contests you may be interested in ❤️

This post weaves magic and beauty. You've got an amazing eye for composition. I've never heard this band but I've listened to this song three times in a row - love it. thank you. xx


Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! Oh man, I’m glad you love them.. they are one of my absolute favorites. So much soul and emotion in each one. ❤️

Wow! Your photos are beautiful! I really like minimalism on photos, so this is my cup of tea. I also like the text behind the photos. Just keep with it. :)


Thank you, I appreciate that 🙂 I’ll be trying to post some more photos here.. as it’s something I enjoy. ❤️

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but obviously rhyming 'Sound of Music' lyrics to create post titles isn't ;-)
But the photos are simply serenity defined :-)
Peaceful happy thoughts heading you way.


😂 yeah that was a last minute addition lol. My attempt at humor normally fails miserably.

Awe thank you! ❤️ Nature shots are always my favorite, such small details of beauty everywhere.. love to try to capture that.

Never thought mushroom tips could look so pretty. 😂

In all seriousness, beautiful as always.

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Mushrooms are beautiful, Blewitt!!!! Come on man! 😜 Thanks, much appreciated ❤️


Why do you have to ruin it? 😂 nooooo!

Ugh, you Blewitt dude... 🍄


Lololololol. Enjoy...that...forever.

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The mushroom picture looks like a set from some star wars or similar type movie at first glance and the mushroom is actually a building on an alien planet. Pretty cool and thanks for sharing your beautiful minimal pictures!


Ohhh that is an awesome way to look at it! Now I won’t be able to see anything else haha, love it!

Thank you ❤️

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Wonderful combination of music and photography... if I may contribute:


Just as mushrooms are important... so too are the journey's of Legolas and Elmo

Love and light your way my friend...



Oh my gosh I love these!! Lol thank you!


Coming from you, I will take that as a compliment :)

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It all goes together. Beautiful job with the photos and music.