Fringer Canon to Fuji Adapter

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[Текст на српском] Here it is, guys — today I got my Fringer smart adapter which allows to mount Canon EF and EFs lenses to Fujifilm X body. How does it look and feel?

It is hard to start in any other way but this — fantastic! For those who don’t know, Fringer is a tech guy who makes specialised adapters for Fujifilm’s X mount and Sony’s E mount. This adapter is a Pro version, with both bayonets made of brass, allows use of all phase detection focus points for fast and accurate PDAF, records full EXIF info, and it even supports Image Stabilizer functions of EF and EFs mount lenses. Pro version also has a built-in electronic aperture ring (like XF lenses).


Standard version lacks aperture ring, and camera bayonet is made of an alloy instead of brass. You can preorder Pro version at the Fringer’s official page at $299 (May 2018).

At the you will currently find a long list of some 70 Firmware V1.80 compatible lenses from Canon, Sigma and Tamron, but the adapter can come with the old firmware. Check the version immediately and if it is not, upgrade it to Firmware V1.80. Beginning with this firmware, you may check adapter’s version through Fujifilm’s method, i.e. press and hold “Disp” button and then power on the camera.


Release notes for the Firmware V1.80 you can find at this link.

User Manual for the Firmware V1.80 you can find at this link.

So far, I have three Canon lenses:

  • Canon EFs 10-22mm, f3.5-4.5*
  • Canon EFs 18-135mm, f3.5-5.6 STM IS
  • Canon EF 100mm macro f2.8 (old version without IS)

So far, only Canon EFs 18-135mm, f3.5-5.6 STM IS is on the compatibility list, and it works perfectly! As soon as I start walking (I have leg injury), I'm going to test all lenses and send some more details on this wonderful adapter.


Fujifilm has made a great strides in camera making, and also made some marvelous Leica class prime lenses, but they will need more time for a full lens lineup. Some of the older lenses have slow focus motors and will have to be replaced. Until that happens, Fuji X owners now has a chance to use a comprehensive choice of excellent Canon optics with the best motors in the industry.

If you have serious investment in Canon lenses and wish to entry into excellent Fujifilm system without paying a hefty transition price, this is ideal solution. Is it perfect? Or is it lacking something? If we are going to nitpick, the only con would be — this version does not have a tripod mount foot, which would make it perfect :)


e-vizitka - 2017-10-28_131026-mala.jpg

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Успешно са новим адаптером @lighteye!

Fuji, definitivno najlepša tela na tržištu. Uz to najfunkcionalnija. Jedino što su im cene nativnih objektiva najskuplje. Kombinacija sa Canonom deluje idealno.


Велико хвала за коментар, @yu-stem. Почео сам да одговарам, али се одговор толико растегао да сам морао од њега да направим текст :)

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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