1,000 Cinematic Shots (Part 5 of 140)

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I'm not completely sure what it is about a well executed image that draws me in. I do know that I am slowly able to top up my creative reserves...when I take time and immerse myself in them. 


The past three entries have been focused on images flagged from  Reddit's Cineshots. I've decided to move on from that archive onto  others. Starting with 'Stills From Beautiful Films', 'Film Grab' then 'Movie Stills Database'. 

Each post would have about 5-10 entries!!!  

39.) Sunshine (2007)

(find the SRBF post here.)

40.) Moon (2009)

(find the SRBF post here.)

41.) The Fountain (2006)

(find the SRBF post here.)

42.) Children of Men (2006)

(find the SRBF post here.)

43.) About Schmidt (2002)

(find the Film Grab post here.)


44.) Another Earth (2011)

(find the Film Grab post here.)

45.) Away from Her (2006)

(find the Film Grab post here.)

Got some cinematic shots that are among your favourites? You can add  them as a link in the comments   (If  you can keep the titles to the  ones M and below...it would be much appreciated!)! Here is my bookmark for the next entry.  Alternately... Feedback is welcome here.      

For previous images:

Part 1: 1-7 - Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014) / Skyfall (2012) /  Los insólitos peces gato (2013) -  (aka 'The Amazing Catfish') /  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)  /  The Theory of Everything (2014) /  Arrival (2016) /  Fargo (1996)   

Part 2:   8-14 - Interstellar (2014) / Blade Runner (1982) / Gattaca (1997) /   Collateral (2004) / Road to Perdition (2002) / La La Land (2016) / Dead   Poets Society (1989)

Part 3:  15-23 Spirited Away  (2001) /  Local Hero (1983) /  Inside Llewyn Davis  (2013) /  No Country for Old Men (2007) /  Amélie (2001) /  Mulan  (1998) /   The Illusionist (2006) /  Inception (2010) /  Atonement  (2007) /  


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