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RE: My Edmonton: No rest for the wicked, a showcase of my adopted hometown

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Yeah the concert lights are pretty tough from that angle and since I'm not allowed my camera I'm stuck with an iphone for pics. I did get many nice ones that I have yet to post. They are all great bands to see they know how to rock! Edmonton is a young population overall along with so much choice for venues both indoor and outdoor, they love playing here and come by fairly regularly some of them come every year. I have gotten to enjoy many many concerts in the last decade. Since I don't drink alcohol and the bar/club scene isn't my thing, that's my party outings.

lol, it's a popular slang here😝. Beavers are kind of elusive and don't generally come around people much, this one likes me. I actually had to back away because she was trying to get too close...I must say that's a first, me backing away from the wildlife! She was like a foot away. They do bite when they are frightened, you saw them teeth! She's given me many close up photo ops over the years, she comes to eat near me and will stay for a long time. I might be her buddy!

We have many statues and other art installations hidden all over the city. The Firefighter memorial is one of my favorites. Near the statue they have plaques with all the names of the fallen brothers and history. It's a very thoughtful memorial and a great place for a moment of silence.


I agree with you they might bite if they are frightened otherwise are not aggressive. It is not very easy to find one so close you were lucky. Thanks for this informative reply to my comment.

They can be territorial, we have had quite a few beaver attacks here in Edmonton over the last few years. Most of them are dogs but some humans too. Some people don't always give them the space they need tho. I try not to be part of the statistics!! haha

I did not know they could be aggressive... Yes better to not be part of those statistics :) :)

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