“Frozen Lake 凍った湖” Photography 写真

in photography •  21 days ago

“Frozen Lake”

The snow fell steadily and silently all night. And then, I saw a beautiful frozen lake. An eagle was flying in the sky above the frozen lake.



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I remember such frozen lakes from my youth. Now, with global warming we barely have snow during winter. It's so sad to see how nature is changing.

I love your photo! It looks like a winter wonderland. It's magical, mysterious and so peaceful - a place to be!

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!


Thank you for your nice comment. I totally agree with you about global warming issues. The weather is up and down and affecting animals’ lives very much. However, I really appreciate this beautiful moment. I don’t want to lose this beautiful nature. Again, thank you for your honest comment!


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この地域の寒さはきっと序の口なのでしょうね!もっと寒い場所になると、確かにシャンプーとか凍ってしまうでしょうねー^^; それは大変ーっ!!

I can’t see the eagle but the photo is pretty :).

Does Clifford like the snow?


I couldn’t take a picture of an eagle because he flew away quickly!!! My Clifford loves the snow very much!!!! He wants to go outside every day...hahaha

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